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Glycol Ethers & Acetates: Propylene Based

Glycol Ethers & Acetates: Propylene Based

The propylene-based glycol ethers and glycol ether acetate products are characterized by their chemical stability and excellent solvency. They are used as solvents, hard-surface cleaners, organic intermediates, agricultural chemicals, anti-icing agents, surfactants in paint and coatings, printing ink, electronics, textile and leather industries.

Synonyms Dowanol PMA
CAS no. 108-65-6
Description Advance Paints, Printing Ink, Other Polymers
Synonyms Solvenon DPM/Dowanol DPM
Formula CH3OC3H6OC3H6OH
CAS no. 34590-94-8
Uses PVC stablizer, Paint and Dyestuff, Ingradient in Break fluid, Houshols and Industrial Cleaner, Cosmetic formula
Synonyms Dowanol EP/Arcosolv PE
Formula CH3CH(OH)CH2OCH3
CAS no. 1569-02-4
Uses Dissolving various polymers, anti-freezing agent, cleanser, extractor.
Synonyms Dowanol PM
Formula CH3O(CH3)CHCH2OH
CAS no. 107-98-2
Uses Ink, paint coating and water-based paint. Pesticides, Anti Freezer in fuel, Spinning Oil, Dyestuff
Synonyms Dowanol PNB
Formula CH3(CH2)3OCH2CHOHCH3
CAS no. 5131-66-8
Uses Household and Industrial Cleaning Agent, Oil Paint removal agent, Resin, Plasticizer chemical intermediate
Synonyms Solvenon DPNB
Formula CH3(CH2)3O(CH2CHCH3O)2H
CAS no. 29911-28-2
Uses Production of epoxies, acid ester derivatives, solvents and plasticizers. Household and industrial cleaners, grease and paint removers, metal cleaners and hard surface cleaners.
Synonyms Dowanol DPMA
CAS no. 88917-22-0
Uses Solvent based Paints, Silk Screen Printing Ink, Dissolve Special Resin, Flavor and Fragnance Industry
Formula C8H18O3
CAS no. 15764-24-6
Uses Alkyl resin, Epoxy resin, Crylic acid resin, polyester coating, Electrophoresis paints and some other high grade ones, anti-ice liquid for fuel, detergent, extractor, soft printing ink, silk printing ink, ore-dressing agent for nonferrous metals
Synonyms PMP Propylene glycol methyl ether propionate
CAS no. 148-462-571
Uses Advanced paint, printing ink, Other polymers, including amido, methyl ester, ethyl, polyester, cellulose acetate, glycol acid resin, crylic acid resin, epoxy resin and nitrocellulose, etc.