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Glycol Ethers & Acetates: Ethtylene Based

Glycol Ethers & Acetates: Ethylene Based

The ethylene-based glycol ethers and glycol ether acetate products are characterized by their chemical stability and excellent solvency. They are used as solvents, hard-surface cleaners, organic intermediates, agricultural chemicals, anti-icing agents, surfactants in paint and coatings, printing ink, electronics, textile and leather industries.

Synonyms Butyl Cellosolve Acetate Solvent
CAS no. 112-07-2
Description A clear colourless liquid with a fruity odour
Uses Jet Ink Solvent, Emulsion Paint, Furniture Sprey Paint, Cleansing formula of hard surface of metal.
Synonyms Methyl Carbitol
Formula CH3OCH2CH2OH
CAS no. 109-86-4
Description Clear Colourless Liquid, with pungent odour
Uses Grease, Nitrocellulose,Synthetic resin, Alchoholate Dyestuff and Vinyl Cellulose. Used in Organic Synthetic intermediate
Synonyms Butyl Carbitol
CAS no. 124-17-4
Uses High temperature Enamel or printing ink, silk screen printing ink and polyphenyl printing glaze, co-boiling reagent to separate the alcohol and ketone.
Synonyms Ethylene Glycol MonoEthyl Ether Acetate / CAC
CAS no. 111-15-9
Uses Metal, Furniture sprey paint and Smear Paint, Leather Paint and Printing Ink
Synonyms Diethylene Glycol Mono Ethyl Ether Acetate / DCAC
CAS no. 112-15-2
Uses Emulsion Paint, slow drying nitrocellulose paint, natural paint or spray paint, medical and pesticide production, cleanser and wiping agent for glass panel in electronic industry.
Synonyms Ethylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether Acetate / EMA / CAC
CAS no. 110-49-6
Uses Metal, Furniture, sprey paint and smear paints. Used in Protective paints, Dyestuff, Resin, Leather and Printing Ink
Synonyms Methyl Carbitol Solvent
CAS no. 111-77-3
Uses Printing ink, Dyestuff, Resin, Cellulose and Painting. Used in Extraction of hydrocarbon and organics synthesis intermediate.
Synonyms 1-methylethyl ester; 2-acetoxypropane; 2-propyl acetate; 2-propyl ethanoate; methylethyl ethanoate; propan-2-yl ethanoate
Formula C2H5OCH2CH2OH
CAS no. 110-80-5
Uses Leather Industry, Sensidized Plate, Synthetic Resin, Paint and Ink.
Synonyms Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether / EB
Formula C4H9OCH2CH2OH
CAS no. 111-76-2
Uses NitroCellulose, Synthetic Resin, Painting, Grease and Paint remover. Medicine Extrator in Pharma Industry and resin plasticizer in plastic industry.
Synonyms Butyl Carbitol/Butyl Diglycol
CAS no. 112-34-5
Uses PVC stablizer, Electronic Chemical Cleanser, paint, printing ink, Stamp pad ink, Oil and resin, Paint remover, lubricant remover, Detergent for Auto engine, Epoxy resin solvent and Medicine extractor.
Synonyms Propyl Cellosolve TM/ EP Solvent
Formula C3H7OCH2CH2OH
CAS no. 2807-30-9
Uses Electrophoreticpaint, organic synthesis of medicine and pesticide (such as bactericide, parasiticide, weedicide, etc), adhesion agent, spice retention agent and plasticizer.
Synonyms Carbitol Degee
CAS no. 111-90-0
Uses Leather Industry, Sensidized Plate, Synthetic Resin, Paint and Ink.Also used in petroleum soap, petroleum sulphonic acid.