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Epoxy Reactive Diluents

Epoxy Reactive Diluents

Epoxy reactive diluents include mono-, di-, or tri-functional glycidyl ethers which can be used to reduce viscosity and improve handling/processing without causing significant changes in physical properties. They are used in formulating solvent-free paint and coating compounds as well as additives in combination with other polymers to improve adhesion and stabilisation against degeneration reactions. Besides, they can be also used to optimise performance properties such as impact strength, adhesion and flexibility, filler-loading and solvent resistance of the epoxy system.

Synonyms Propanone, Dimethyl ketone,Pyroacetic spirit
Formula C3H6O
CAS no. 67-64-1
Description Colourless liquid
Uses Used in pharmaceuticals, paints and varnishes.
Synonyms N-Butyl glycidyl ether; 2426-08-6; Oxirane, (butoxymethyl)-; 1-Butoxy-2,3-epoxypropane; 2-(Butoxymethyl)oxirane
Formula ‎C7H14O2
CAS no. 2426-08-6
Description colorless to pale yellow liquid with a strong, slightly unpleasant odor
Uses Adhesives and sealant chemicals, Paints and Coatings
Synonyms Oxirane, 2-[(C12-14-alkyloxy)methyl] derivs
Formula ‎C48H96O6
CAS no. 68609-97-2.
Description Colorless Liquid
Uses Solvents,  Chemical Intermediate for Food Chemicals, Industrial, Resin & Coating, Adhesives, Plastics, Rubber, Organics,
Synonyms 1,4-Butanediol diglycidyl ether; 1,4-Diglycidyloxybutane; 2425-79-8; 1,4-Bis(glycidyloxy)butane; Butanediol diglycidyl ether; Tetramethylene glycol diglycidyl ether 
Formula C10H18O4
CAS no. 2425-79-8
Description Clear pale yellow liquid
Uses Adhesives and sealant chemicals, Paints and Coatings
Synonyms 1,6-Bis(2,3-epoxypropoxy)hexane; Oxirane, 2,2'-[1,6-hexanediylbis(oxymethylene)]bis-; 2,2'-[1,6-hexanediylbis(oxymethylene)]dioxirane; 1,6-Bis(oxiran-2-ylmethoxy)hexane 
Formula C12H22O4
CAS no. 16096-31-4
Description Liquid
Uses Adhesives and Sealants
Synonyms Peg-Dge; Der(R) 732; Der 732 Resin; Polypropylene Glycol Diglycidyl; Polypropylenglycol Diglycidyl Ether; Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Diglycidyl Ether; Poly(Propylene Oxide) Epoxy Terminated; Poly(Propylene Glycol) Diglycidyl Ether; Poly(Ethylene Glycol) (N) Diglycidyl Ether
Formula C9H16O4
CAS no. 16096-30-3
Description Liquid
Uses Absorbents
Synonyms Neopentyl; Heloxywc68; Diglycidyloxyneopentane; Neopentyl Glycol Diglycidyl; Diglycidyletherofneopentylgylcol;Neopentyl Glycol Diglycidyl Ether; 2,2-Bis(Glycidyloxymethyl)Propane;Diglycidyl Ether Of Neo-Pentyl Glycol; Neopentyl Glycol Diglycidyl Ether
Formula C11H20O4
CAS no. 17557-23-2
Description Clear liquid.
Uses Paint additives and coating additives, Adhesives and sealant chemicals
Synonyms Cashew, nutshell liq.,glycidyl ethers
Formula CH2OCHCH2O-C6H4-C15H27
CAS no. 171263-25-5 (USA) 68413-24-1(Canada, Europe & Rest of World)
Description Liquid
Uses marine and industrial coatings, industrial flooring, preparation of certain amine products, and also, coatings that come in contact with potable water
Synonyms Glycidyl allyl ether; Allyl 2,3-epoxypropyl ether; Allylglycidaether; Oxirane, [(2-propenyloxy)methyl]
Formula C6H10O2
CAS no. 106-92-3
Description Colorless liquid
Uses Adhesives and Sealants
Synonyms Glycidyl Phenyl Ether (Phenoxymethyl)Oxirane, (+-)- Gamma-Phenoxypropylene Oxide Phenyl Glycidyl Ether Oxirane, (Phenoxymethyl)- Propane, 1,2-Epoxy-3-Phenoxy- 1,2-Epoxy-3-Phenoxypropane
Formula C9H10O2
CAS no. 122-60-1
Description Colorless liquid.
Uses Process regulators
Synonyms 2-[(4-Methylphenoxy)methyl]oxirane; 2186-24-5; P-Cresyl glycidyl ether; 2-P-Tolyloxymethyl-Oxirane; Glycidyl p-tolyl ether
Formula C10H12O2
CAS no. 2210-79-9
Description Colorless liquid
Uses Adhesives,flooring
Synonyms P-tert-Butylphenyl glycidyl ether; 2-[(4-tert-Butylphenoxy)methyl]oxirane; 4-t-Butylphenyl glycidyl ether; Tert-Butylphenol glycidyl ether; Tert-Butylphenyl glycidyl ether
Formula C13H18O2
CAS no. 3101-60-8
Description Clear light yellow liquid
Uses Adhesives and sealant chemicals, Paints and Coatings
Synonyms Diepoxy PEG, PEG diglycidyl ether, Polyoxyethylene bis(glycidyl ether)
Formula C3H5O2- (C2H4O) n-C3H5O
CAS no. 72207-80-8
Description Colorless liquid
Uses  intermediate in the production of surfactants